Hi, this is me, Dao. I'm the owner and pie-maker-in-chief of Butter is Better. I've been baking European and American style foods for the last 20 years and I thought I was pretty good. Then I met this woman, Gloria, who happens to be my mother-in-law. After watching her work in the kitchen, I realized that my baking skills had a long way to go.

She taught me that top quality ingredients weren't enough. You also had to coddle these ingredients from beginning to end. Except for cream, which sometimes needs to be whipped.

Anyway, after being her kitchen slave on and off for a mere 3 years, she set me free with her blessing. In fact, all our baked goods now bear Glorias's Seal of Approval. Now, when I say Gloria's Seal of Approval, I mean that she blows kisses at each of our creations as it emerges from the oven. So don't strain your eyes looking for any kind of imprimantur. But do spare a kind thought for her poor tired lips.